Issue 2 still available at the CoS Emporium.

Cover contest results, Hot Dog Nymphs, Clovis Spook House, Azreal's Playground featuring Dr. Phineas' Magic Tricks, Home Beer Brewing, Devilish Brews, Satanman - The Misadventure Continues, Erotica, Demonopoly, The Sign of the Paw,  and more. 

Issue 1
Halloween 2002
Out of Print

Moonlight Gardening, Kung Pao Painting, Interview With Shiva, The Adventures of Satanman, Satanic Exorcism Ritual, A Visit from Auld Sratch, Swanky Sexy Snazzy Wallpaper, Miss Josephine's Recipes for Chocolates, The Realm of Sensational Adventures, The Lady is a Vamp, Faith Based Initiative Ready for Senate, Book Reviews, Azreal's Playground, special guest erotica writer Tom Hudson and much more.